Our Approach To Retirement Plans

We are paid to manage your retirement plan, we do not charge commissions or any hidden fees. When you work with us, you get  transparency in everything we do – our processes, our recommendations, and of course, our pricing.

NAMCOA® is a federally Registered Investment Advisory. As a Registered Investment Advisory firm, we’re held to a fiduciary level of care that traditional stock brokerage and insurance agency firms are not held to. Simply put, our client’s best interest must come first.

We know you’ve been used to paying fees – annual fees, monthly fees, quarterly fee, regardless of whether your plans are performing or not.


There are limitless active and passive strategies we can take to help you optimize your retirement planning and 401(k) structure. We usually end up striking a balance between aggressive and simplistic, optimized and balanced, and works – not just well, but well for you. We spend the time necessary to get to know you, your team and their lifestyle choices that define their retirement needs, under all market conditions and over the long run.

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